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High Speed Internet Plans
Plans Downstream
to Month
1 Year
Term Price
2 Year
Term Price
10Mb 10Mbps 1Mbps $45.00 $42.75 $40.50
15Mb 15Mbps 1Mbps $50.00 $47.50 $45.00
25x3Mb 25Mbps 3Mbps $60.00 $57.00 $54.00
100x20Mb 100Mbps 20Mbps $100.00 $95.00 $90.00
250x50Mb 250Mbps 50Mbps $150.00 $142.50 $135.00
1Gx200Mb 1G 200Mbps $300.00 $285.00 $270.00

Available Term Agreements
Contract Deposit Modem Promotion
Month to Month Deposit waived with good credit Included N/A
1 Year Term Deposit waived with good credit Included 5% Off
2 Year Term Deposit waived with good credit Included 10% Off

Deposits are based on Month to Month price of selected plan.

Recommended Minimum Requirements
Windows 8, Mac 10.6.8 or Higher
Network Card or WiFi Card

Networking Services available for $65 per hour.
All Plans include Virus and Junk Email blocking services.
Network Reconfiguration Charge - $40 will be charged for physical address changes and downgrading monthly price of HSI plans.
Not all plans are available in all areas. Inquire for details.
Seasonal Service requires a minimum of 90 days of active service and is $9.00 per month while on vacation.
Downgrades - High Speed Internet Plans may be downgraded on the same agreement with a $40 network reconfig fee.
Speeds above are not guaranteed, and actual speeds may vary due to line condition and/or Internet traffic.
Upgrades - High Speed Internet Plans may be upgraded in price at any time with no charge on the same agreement.
CTCI also sells and maintains wireless routers, cabled routers, access points and networking services to meet all of your networking needs. Plans and Service types available may vary depending on physical location.
Approved Credit – If customer does not have established and / or approved credit in accordance with company policy, deposits will be based on Month to Month price of selected plan.
When signing up for a term agreement, and agreement is terminated early, Early Termination Fee is the discount of selected plan times months remaining in term.


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