Dear Custer Telephone Customer,

It has been brought to our attention that there are emails being received that ask for your name, email address and password.  There are also emails asking you to click on an attachment because your settings are changing.
Both of these types of emails are false (called phishing), can be safely deleted, and are best not opened. 
Please note, if you have replied to any email of this type please notify us so that we can assist you in changing your password.

Most of these emails should be stopped by the virus and junk email filter. All customers have the option to have the email antivirus protection that will stop emails with a virus.  High Speed Internet (HSI) customers have the Junk Email filter included with their service, and Dialup customers may purchase the Junk Email filter for $2.00 per month.
You can check the level of your settings by logging into the Message Center.  If you do not have a link to log in you can go to, select Internet along the top, Select My Account along the left side, then choose Message Center. Otherwise, go directly to

If you have difficulties logging in or questions on settings you can contact our 24hr/7 days a week support at (866) 879-5100.
Ben Glenn, Stein Shaw, Tony Gilliam
Internet Help Desk
Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.
(208) 879-5100 24/7 Support Line
866-879-5100 (Toll Free Support Line)